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Adopteen News


Registration for our 2014 National Adopteen Camp-Conference is NOW OPEN on our new website, www.adopteen.org. We are gradually making a permanent move to this sparkling new site and would LOVE for you to make the move with us!

Registration can be found over there. :D

On our new website, you will find prettier pictures of all of our exciting programs, as well as links to our brand new Adopteen Shop, although that is still under construction!

We sincererly hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do. Please let us know what you think about it by emailing us at adopteen@adopteen.org.

We can't wait to see all of you, old and new, this July in Toledo, OH! Get ready for an incredible five days and four nights of responsible debauchery.

All the Love,


BOTH 2014 Spring and Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips are FULL and applications are NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who applied and we hope that those who were unable to travel with us this year will be able to join us on a future trip!

With Love,
Your Adopteen Team


Just a clarification on the Adopteen Camp-Conference:

REGISTRATION for the Adopteen Camp-Conference (OPEN TO ALL, ages 13+) opens FEBRUARY 21, 2014.

The applications that just opened are for anyone who wants to become an Adopteen Committee Lead (help organize & lead Adopteen Camp-Conference and organize any other Adopteen 2014 program). You are eligible to apply to join the Committee after you've attended at least one Adopteen Camp-Conference and you must be at least 15 years old. More details about Adopteen Committee eligibility and expectations can be found here.

The 2014 National Adopteen Camp-Conference is OPEN TO ALL ADOPTEES, AGES 13+.

Thank you!


If you are interested in joining the Adopteen Committee for 2014, APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Be sure to read all of our requirements and expectations for the Adopteen Committee before applying. Applications are due February 28, 2014.

In other very important news, WE ARE PAUSING APPLICATIONS FOR OUR SUMMER ADOPTEES GIVING BACK ORPHANAGE SERVICE TRIP. If you have applied and have not yet heard back from us regarding your application, you can expect a response within the next week. This means, by next Friday, if we have not reached our final summer travel group, we will reopen applications.

Thank you! Good luck to everyone! We have only love in our hearts for you. Be brave.



Adopteen Midpoint: TX was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to hang out. We loved every minute of it and hope you all had as great a time as we did! Texas is definitely one of a kind... ;)

We can't wait to see you all again. Sooner rather than later!

If you missed us in Texas and want to see a few photos of the weekend, head on over to our Facebook page and check 'em out! There aren't that many...we were too busy having fun to document it all. Just trust us when we say it was amazing.

So much love from our hearts to yours,


Registration for Adopteen Midpoint: TX is now closed. Thank you to everyone who registered! We cannot wait to see you in January!

In other words... Yee haw, friends.


The application page for our Summer 2014 AGBOST is NOW OPEN!!!

Applications will be reviewed on a first-in basis. We will only be taking 20 travelers, so make sure you get your application in as soon as you can.

We want to emphasize that applications to join our Spring 2014 AGBOST are STILL OPEN as well!

Good luck, friends!



The application page for our Spring 2014 AGBOST is NOW OPEN!!!

Applications will be reviewed on a first-in basis. We will only be taking 20 travelers, so make sure you get your application in as soon as you can!

Good luck, friends!



FALL IS HEREEEE!!! You know what else is here?

Part 1 of the AGBOST application is now available for you to download!

Hopefully this will help you get a head start on completing your applications. We know how awesome everyone's procrastination skills have become, especially with all those college applications happening, but we promise you'll be super happy with yourself if you have half the application already taken care of by the time the application page opens on October 28th.

La da dee da dee...


Registration for our 2014 Midpoint Adopteen Camp-Conference is NOW OPEN!!!

Registration will stay open through December 15th. Space is limited so register soon!

We can't wait to see you in the Wild West, come January!


We’ve had a bit of a break and are now ready to announce several new, exciting happenings we hope will tickle your fancy. Are you ready??  Get that calendar out...

There are THREE UPCOMING DATES that you need to be aware of for the immediate future.

- REGISTRATION OPENS for our 2014 Midpoint Adopteen Camp-Conference in Fort Worth, TX January 18 - 20, 2014! Get excited!!!  For anyone who missed us this summer or just miss us in general, join us for THREE days and TWO nights of craziness! $170/camper, includes ALL accommodations, meals, and all specified activities.  You know the drill.  Show up and have the time of your life!  :D  Registration will stay open through December 15th.

OCTOBER 19th - Adopteen is excited to offer our 2nd Teen Adoptee Panel in Denver, CO!  This is a fundraising event and ALL proceeds will go towards supporting our various Adopteen programs. Each one-and-a-half hour panel will be offered twice for prospective & in-process parents and for parents who have already adopted. Suggested donation: $25 per individual/$35 per couple.  Please join us for an amazing conversation! This panel will be livestreamed. More information will be made available in the coming week.

OCTOBER 28th - This is the one you’re looking for.  Applications for our SPRING Adoptees Giving Back - Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) will open 12:00 pm MST on October 28th. Adopteen will be coordinating not one, but TWO Adoptees Giving Back - Orphanage Service Trips (AGBOST) in 2014 (* happy dance*)! 

The Spring AGBOST dates are set for March 27 - April 6, 2014.  We will be volunteering at an orphanage in Jiangxi Province this time around and will only be taking 20 travelers!  Priority will be given to adoptees who were adopted from Jiangxi Province, but all are welcome to apply. 

APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED ON A FIRST-IN BASIS.  Once 20 travelers have been reached, applications will close. 

We are also coordinating a Summer AGBOST (volunteering in Henan Province).  Dates are set for July 3 - July 12, 2014 so please keep this second trip in mind.  Application page for the Summer AGBOST will open December 9th.

That's all for now! Keep checking in. Registration and applications will start opening so very soon!


The 2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference came to an end this past Sunday and we had to say goodbye to 98 new friends. We're still recovering, but haven't been able to wipe the smiles off our faces! This was the largest Adopteen Camp-Conference we've had in our 6 1/2 years of craziness and it was absolutely amazing!

Thank you to everyone for helping us make this past week so memorable. We had such a blast! Host familes, you all are our heroes. Thank you so much for actually volunteering to have a teenager (or two or three!) in your house for 5 days! You are a rare, magical bunch and we love you.

To all our camp volunteers and workshop teachers and to all our wonderful supporters who let us use their facilities throughout the week, thank you for helping us make some crazy, important memories.

Adopteen 2013 is coming to an end, but don't wrap it up just yet! We have some very exciting announcements coming up in September that you may want to keep an ear on. Something about AdopTween and a Midpoint... ;)


With all the love,
Your Adopteen Team


Hey good lookin'.

The 2013 Adopteen Workshop topics are now posted for your viewing pleasure. Head over there and check them out!

The 2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference is just 4 DAYS away. We can't wait to see you!


We are only one week away from our largest Camp-Conference ever! ARE YOU READY??!

Our suggested packing list is now posted, along with an updated program schedule. Please check them out when you get the chance. We're pretty stoked.

If you have yet to mail in your release forms and are not planning on bringing them in with you on Wednesday, PLEASE make sure to fill them out and mail them in ASAP! Without them, you will not be allowed to participate in our activities. :(

Party party, yeah!


Our first-ever Adoptees Giving Back Service Trip just returned home this week. Did you know that?? Were you following along with the Tumblr? Our two-week trip was beyond-words-incredible and our group of 39 now feels like one big family. If you haven't had a chance to look at some photos from our trip, please visit our facebook to check them out! There are a whole bunch. WARNING: There is a high possibility of heart meltage. Prepare yourselves.

The success of the trip cannot be overstated, so the future of AGBOST looks very bright! Be sure to keep up with us for future trip information, including trip itineraries, dates, and application deadlines! You won't want to miss them, believe us.

We're gearing up for the 2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference coming up in three weeks. Are you ready?! It's going to be the best 5 days of your lives. Keep your eyes out for a packing list and keep checking the program schedule for any changes. We can't wait to see you!

That's it for now. :)


Hello Beautiful People!

Many of you have been asking us about how the Waiting List works and what it's for if we are already full for this summer's Adopteen Camp-Conference. Very good questions! We know how important our Camp-Conferences are and want to make sure anyone who wants to hang out with us, can. Due to space and personnel limitations, however, we are only able to take on some many campers before it starts to effect the quality of the experience (and our energy levels).

The Waiting List has multiple purposes. If a camper who is already registered cancels on us (sad day), we will go to the Waiting List and invite the first person "in line" to join us (happy day!).

BUT WAIT. The Waiting List is also our way of figuring out if a second Camp-Conference, later this year, is feasible. This is important! If the Waiting List reaches 35+, we will open up registration for a second Camp-Conference for a later date. When would the second Camp-Conference be? We are shooting for September. But we are not ready to officially open up registration until enough people let us know that that's something they'd be interested in. :)

In the meantime, please be patient with us. We know the Waiting List can be frustrating, especially when you're trying to make summer plans. We already got to invite three teens to register from the Waiting List (happy day!) due to a few cancellations (sad day), and promise we're trying our best!

So hang tight and tell your friends to sign up! Let's try to make a second Camp-Conference happen!

Your Adopteen Team


Hey there good lookins!

I know we took our sweet time with the 2013 Committee page, but it's now up and ready for your eyeballs. Please head over and meet our newest crew! We're pretty proud and can't wait to work some magic for ALL OF YOU!

If this Committee doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will...

Art and Amy will be roaming the streets of the Denver Art District tonight. Go find them! (more info at http://www.denver.org/what-to-do/museum-art/first-friday-art-walks)

Peace, Love, and Cheerios,



We have reached maximum capacity for this summer's National Adopteen Camp-Conference! WOW! Thank you!

We never want anyone to miss out on any of our events. If you are hoping to attend our Camp-Conference, please do put your name down on our Waiting List. It is possible that we will be able to hold an additional Camp-Conference later this year if the interest is large enough!

Adopteen will be joining in on some charity events all around Colorado throughout the year -- and even some in Atlanta if we can manage it! Please keep checking in on us from time to time to make sure you don't miss us when we're out and about. We want you to join in on all the fun!

As always, we would love if you joined our Mailing List by emailing info@chinaadopteen.org with your name. We promise we're quite charming.

Thank you, again! We are SO excited!!!

Your Adopteen Team


We are happy to announce the 2013 Adopteen Commitee! Please help us congratulate:

Ariel Gorsky
Cathleen Daly
Hannah Anthony
Kalyn Bonn
Kat Umbach
Leah Hodges
Lia Downs
Madeline Doak
Mae Rohrbach
Molly Morein
Morgan Stryke
Mylie Herman
Rachel Sanborn

We are so excited to work with all of you and hope you feel the same about us! :P
The 6th Annual National Camp-Conference is going to be crazy, ladies and gents. Just...cray.

We will have official introductions ready for your staring pleasure asap! In the meantime...


Your (old) Adopteen Team


Applications for the 2013 Adopteen Teen Committee are now closed! Thank you to everyone who applied. We will announce the new Teen Committee on Wednesday, April 17th!

Remember: Registration for this summer's National Adopteen Camp-Conference will be open through June 30th, or until maximum capacity is reached. Space is limited so register today!

Okay. Infomercial over.

(Yeah. Because I always put my oven mitt over the fire...)

We really do want to see your beautiful faces in July. If you aren't there, we're going to end up LC-Laguna Beach-crying...

You know? So. There's that. (Did anyone watch Laguna Beach? Did we just age ourselves? Lauren's still cool, right? Just go with it.)


~ Your Adopteen Team


Registration is NOW OPEN for this summer's Adopteen Camp-Conference in Centennial, CO.

You will also notice that Host Family Registration is also open. If you are interested in volunteering as a host family for this summer's Camp-Conference, please register! We appreciate it so much.

Teen Committee applications are also available!

Have fun, friends. Type away.

We'll see you soon!
Your Adopteen Team


Registration for the 2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference in Centennial, CO will open tomorrow at 12:00 pm MST! Registration will stay open until June 30th.

While you wait, please feel free to skim the Program Schedule to see what shenangins we'll be getting ourselves into this summer.


We are pleased to announce that we have found our 30 travelers for our very first Adoptees Giving Back - Orphan Service Trip in June! The process was long and painful, but this will be just the first trip among many that we plan to take, so don't let this stop you from joining our future service trips!

In other news, we have the official dates for our 2013 Adopteen Camp-Conference!

Our 6th Annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference will be taking place July 24th - 28th, 2013!!! Details about the event, including host families and program schedule, will be coming in soon.

Stay classy, friends.



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